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Yoga Immersion

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Yoga Immersion Is the process of gathering with yogis, who, like you, are craving a bit more than what you might gain from a couple of classes a week.  Embracing the path of Yoga, and cultivating a life in which you enjoy the greater benedictions of yoga. Once monthly we will gather to deepen our understanding and share our appreciation for yoga. Join us, as our great community embarks on this great Yoga journey. Immersion isn’t only yoga asana practice, but rather, Immersion connects all limbs yoga to help you establish a profound, life-affirming, and life long practice. Immersion is the perfect method to infuse more yoga into your life. And, if you are planning on becoming a teacher, Immersion is the first prerequisite to taking the Teacher Training. Yet, don’t worry, you may still participate in  the Immersion, even if you don’t want to become a teacher. Being a passionate student, is all you need.  So whether you simply want to delve in deeper as a student, or your wish is to become a teacher, the Yoga Immersion is for you!  Please join master teacher trainer, Marc St. Pierre, and a panel of skilled guest teachers who will share their passion, knowledge, and expertise, in the various realms of yoga.
You will be transformed!

All levels are welcome.

200 Hour Teacher Training

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Love yoga and want to become an effective and skilled yoga instructor? This training will do that.

So prepare to jump in and explore the the challenges, joy, and fulfillment of being a great yoga instructor.

You will be trained to demonstrate and communicate the skills needed to support and inspire students to delve deeper and discover the transformational beauty of the practice.

Having passion and a sincere wish to bring your best as a teacher is the foundation for any student seeking to become a teacher.

Marc St Pierre has experience and gained some wisdom in over 20 years of practice and teaching. Let him guide you you to discover the teacher within you.

Marc has streamlined the training process for optimum  effectiveness.

The Teacher Training includes Yoga Immersion


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