About Marcmarc007

It all began over 10 years ago when Marc asked a friend about where would be a great place to “do some real yoga.” His friend guided him to City Yoga Los Angeles, California, when the studio was a little over a year old. “I had such great fortune to meet Anthony Benenati, Sue Elkind, and Naime Jezzeny. Each had so much to offer and it was a sensational place to be … the birth of Anusara ® Yoga! It was like being a conspirator in a great revolution … like making yoga history! Vive la Revolution!” Marc St. Pierre was a Certified Anusara ® teacher for many years, known internationally and had the good fortune to establish Anusara ® on the fantastical island of Maui, where he lived for seven years. On this foundation Marc now develops his personal style of Yoga and loves to share his personal experience and knowledge with his students. He travels and teaches and cannot believe this is his “job”! Clearly, and with enormous gratitude for the Yoga community, Marc celebrates teaching yoga as his vocation and service.

“Marc is a loving and knowledgeable kick in the pants!”

Yoga Teacher Marc St Pierre talks about the skills that make a teacher great and about the physical part of contemporary postural yoga. (01.12.2014)

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