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Why Yoga Asana?

Yoga is a life path, one of many. Asana is one of these methods. Teaching Yoga Asana for nearly 20 years now, has taught me much more than I could truly explain. Maybe you are like me, in the way that I learn best through my body, through mindful action, and experience. This IS yoga defined.

The experiential nature of asana has aided me to imbibe some of yoga’s more philosophical/cerebral teachings to a more facile, fascinating, and profound effect. Asana supports the practitioner to better understand that what is studied and described as “knowledge” becomes “embodied wisdom”. That said, it is so very beneficial we don’t get too full of ourselves! After all, Yoga is to make us light.


Might I be a teacher for you?

Each of us learns differently. My favorite teachers were effective, kind, challenging, and encouraging. Their example is one I try to emulate. If all of those descriptives had to be minimized, and I was challenged to select just one, it would be “Effectiveness.” Above all else, that is what my teachers were, and there is much gratitude for them in this way, because they steered me to the inner-wisdom that dwells within each of us.

Yoga Asana is often treated as an exercise regime. That is appropriate for some, however, it was not for me. Yoga can be so much more! Think on it as a Practice, like Tai Chi or Qi Gong. When approached in this manner, Yoga becomes a source of sustenance, much like the blessing of a life-long companion. This view is the take on yoga that I have chosen. Alignment based Asana, both kind and playful, and therapeutic and challenging. You will be astonished with how much you can do, and how great you can feel.


What might One expect on this Path?

Yoga is an invitation to balance your “Being”. Where you are weaker, you can strengthen. Where you are tight, you can soften. These benefits are not only experienced in your body, but in your heart and mind too. That’s the best part. This transformative integration is the joy in having a true yoga practice.

Be willing to expand your perspective of the world, and fortunately, this supports the same expansion for you! When you become a yogi, your willingness to confront your own mental and physical limitations become the actions that bring about supreme holistic transformation. The reward for this willingness (iccha) is one hundred-fold! You CAN attain greater freedom in your mind, more LOVE in your heart, and a more continuously JOYFUL state of being. Imagine that, even with Life’s great challenges.

Wonderfully, and unlike most everything else these days, there is no hurry to “get anywhere” except more “HERE” now. Think about it. No “goal,” but to become more present within each inhale and exhale. Practice this and you will marvel at the unveiling of the Divine Consciousness within.  You will be more steady in yourself; body, mind, and heart. Ready, feeling wonderful for having the courage and ability for living your life authentically. This is a great attainment. This is true freedom.

Moksha is the word for “Liberation”. A steady practice supports a steadily awakening state of liberation.  Feel more at ease in your own self. Delight in the bliss of your heart’s divine radiance, now better able to give and to receive. Because …

… Life is for Living.


Thanks for reading. Come by for a class. Good fortune on your journey!

Highest Regards,
Marc St Pierre